Modern Robot

Living Dead at Edinburgh Fringe

Alive: Music for Night of the Living Dead
Recorded August 26, 2017
Ben Singer: Guitar
Phil Hague: Drums

Yeah they’re dead, they’re all messed up…

Each night before playing the show, Phil and I went over a couple notes about beats or entrances, about a part that I added back to the film, or something that went particularly good the night before.

Then, each night, we had our 15 minutes to set up. Not just drums, guitar, and amp, but the projector, the screen, line checks, focus, tuning — everything. In the same 15 minutes, the mime act before us swept up the paper and confetti that covered the stage, and the masks, the flowers, the rubber chicken, and the rest of its two cases of props. The frozen pig’s head back in a cooler, and the performers reviewed that night’s performance, in heated French. The venue techs mopped up a bit of pig’s blood and griped about the small sausage that was often still on stage.

That left about a minute to twiddle some amp knobs, or to put my recorder in a little better-looking spot. Then I hit play, and we went for it. Each night was our laboratory, and each night got better.
And so I bring you show #22!