Modern Robot

Show 17: Modern Appliances

Dishes, dishes, dishes, three times a day. And breathes there a housewife with soul so dead who sometimes to herself has not said, “why can’t something be done to relieve the monotony of this everyday kitchen chore!”

Recorded live at the Green Bean, Feb 2, 2011, Greensboro, NC. Now housewives, pay attention. There’s a lot to learn here. There’s a lot to dance to here. On the show, Ben Singer, Kyle Poehling, and Nicholas Stott.

Best in show: 39:46 to the end. Groovy. And keeps your food — cool.

Last Word In Automatic Dishwashing (1950)
Frigidaire Imperial Line (1956)
Frigidaire Finale (1957)
Match Your Mood (ca. 1968)

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